Alkaline Glazed Decorated Pitcher, Decorated with Punch Work and also very fine Sine Wave Combing, also has very unusually Handle kind of like an S handle like Jesse Weathers used on other work like his Shaving Mug, Pitcher is also Footed Circa 1890-1910









Two Highly Decorated Snake Jugs made by Jesse Weathers









Decorated Shaving Mug Dated 1904 and Signed J J Weathers, Rock Mills, Alabama and also signed Amos Smith, Jesse made the Shaving Mug in May of 1904 and gave the Mug to his friend Amos Smith, the Shaving Mug is Salt Glazed and Decorated with a Snake around the Top with a Salamander in its Mouth










Decorated Shaving Mug Dated September 1907 and signed J J Weathers Rock Mills, Alabama Pouds Pottery and also signed D.T. Wilder, Woolsey, Georgia, D. T. Wilder was Jesse Weathers First Cousin so Jesse made this Shaving Mug for his first Cousin, it is Highly Decorated and has a Snake wrapped around the Top with a Salamander in its Mouth, it is glazed in Albany Slip with Salt Over Glaze









This is Mrs. Rose Weather’s Daughter-in-law of Jesse James Weathers, she was married to Jesse’s son Lanier Weathers and she lives in Rock Mills at the old Home Place of Jesse Weathers who was a Half Brother to W D Pound, Jesse’s mother was an Ussery in the picture she is holding Pipes that were found in her Back Yard and Sherds stamped Pittman Bros, we have found several sherds in the back yard that are stamped Pittman Bros, so this tells us that this was at least one of the locations of the Pittman Bros. Shops and Jesse said to Lanier that his mother made the Pipes and this all ties togather since we have seen several Pipes from the early Ussery Shop close to Gus Creek in Bacon Level, Mrs. Rose Weather’s is 88 Years Old in this Picture and is still very active













We have been Collecting Pottery from Randolph/Chambers County, Alabama for over 20 Years and have been doing serious Research for around 10 Years, The Pottery was made in the Time Frame of 1830's-1940's as Utiliterian Pots and some Decorative Type Pieces, We are illutrating some of this work and research on this site, We have Broke the Information Down by Community and under each Community we have some of the Major Potters that worked there are owned the Shop

We are always Interested in adding to our Collection of Alkaline Glazed pieces from Randolph/Chambers County, Alabama so Contact us if you have something you would be interested in Selling

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